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Taylor Swift.


360 digital platform - content, community & commerce - website, streaming media, live events, member club, forums, ecommerce, social campaigns.

Taylor Swift is a global superstar who runs a large enterprise. We engaged with Taylor and her team to build-out her digital presence and business. She knows what she likes, and it was a tall order to deliver something real to her fans.

We created a new web platform where she shared blogs, updates, and 100s of millions of streams of music and videos. We also built her fan club "Taylor Nation" - an online world of exclusive access and content. We coupled this with a community forum, where over 300,000 fans chime-in daily with their questions, comments, and shout-outs.

The ecommerce platform we created housed her store where she sold all things "Taylor". Plus, our social commerce tools empowered nearly 20,000 fans to build and embed their own "Taylor" estores in social media and across the web.

We brought all of these digital tools into a unified dashboard, rich with data-driven insights that her inhouse team could use to track and improve their strategies.

Once her digital platform was up and running, we drove digital marketing for the launch of her 6x platinum album "Speak Now". We ran live Taylor chat sessions with fans. We streamed digital meet-and-greet events from her live concerts. And, our Twitter campaign that asked fans to guess the meanings behind Taylor's song names drove over 3,000 tweets per second, Twitter's highest concurrent number at that time! 

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