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Unity Rd.

Brand development, retail & digital consumer experience, technology platform.

Unity Rd.
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Unity Rd.
Unity Rd.
Unity Rd.
Unity Rd.

We were hired to create a new brand and consumer experience to reboot a ten-year old Colorado cannabis vertical company that was about to start franchising retail locations nationally.

Introducing...Unity Rd.

Over the course of a year building out the Unity Rd. brand platform we engaged researchers, data scientists, strategists, graphic designers, retail architects, marketers, technologists, and partner companies.

We interviewed dozens of stakeholders and scrubbed, normalized and multi-variate analyzed 27,000,000 data points to understand who are customers are — and what’s important to them — before we landed on Unity Rd. as the new brand and experience.

We then created the consumer strategy, retail store & online consumer experience, and technology roadmap to support a franchising infrastructure.

Within months of launching the new Unity Rd. Brand, Franchise Magazine named Unity Rd. retail stores the “Franchise of the Future” and MJBiz Daily nominated Unity Rd. a Top 5 Retailer in the U.S.

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